What Not to Eat When You're on a Diet

The journal of the girl who wants to get healthy but eats whatever stuff she wants. This will archive the food that one must NOT eat if you want to lose weight.
How do I get rid of junk food temptations and I can not not buy them
whatnottoeatwhenyoureonadiet whatnottoeatwhenyoureonadiet Said:

Hi dear. You know, I have the exact same problem.

Ice cream is my stress buster at my previous work and I just… can’t. I just can’t not eat ice cream to ease up stress. I feel better but I also got fatter than ever.

But I do think that control is key. What I decided to do is to not eat ice cream at all. With self-control and alternatives (hello sweet fruits! *I think that alternatives are optional, depending on why you’re stress-eating your way to feeling better about something), it worked. I just didn’t eat ice cream at all. I tell myself, “Don’t. Just don’t. You don’t need it.”

**I do eat ice cream occasionally (special events) nowadays but never daily. (I used to eat them daily and I ended up hating myself for it. OTL) 

Money is also another way to control this. Haha. I just think of the other things I can buy if I do not buy junk food. I compute the money I spend on food and tell myself that I could’ve bought myself a new smashing dress or an awesome new book if I didn’t eat this lot.

So yeah, control is very necessary. You must convince yourself not to be tempted. It all lies within us, really. Just believe that you can do this — you must not buy these things — and you just do it. :3

I do hope that we’d succeed in this battle (?) against our inner urges. Good luck to all of us! XD

Today, I felt like running outside which I did, thanks to that delivery my siblings ordered. (Actually, I haven’t been running in the past two weeks. Last run was on the 23rd of September. I was hoping to keep this a weekly thing but I suppose I’ll take this whole running thing nice and slow.)

According to my pedometer app, I took more than 1590 steps (more, because I accidentally stopped the pedometer while running) and went 1.27km. (The run on the 23rd had 1,394 steps, went 1.12kms. I walked/ran less.) My route took me outside the subdivision and into Gale’s Convenience Store to get ice cream for my beloved siblings and I got Stick O for myself as a goal for today. (Bad goal but yes, dessert.)

I brought the ice cream back and asked my bro to take care of it and went for another round of walking/running in the open avenue. By 6pm, I went home and did something unthinkable… I lifted weights.

You see, there’s this program by celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza that I’m interested in trying. I only made it through the half of the second round but I do feel like I’m burning a lot with that workout plan she has. Allan-niisama said it can work so it’s worth a try to tone those flabs on my arm and legs. 

It’s a good start for me. Just a really good start. Yay. <3

10/07/2012 Intake

Parents left my siblings and I home alone again. We had food though — pasta and chicken so it was all good. I also had an exercise activity today too so eating carbs was kinda okay.

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10/06/2012 Intake

Today was a happier day. I got some sleep and went out with friends I haven’t seen in AGES. My senpaaaaais~

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Pil Sook’s diet

Eat like a queen in the morning, like a regular person in the afternoon, then like a beggar in the evening. The purpose of eating like a queen for breakfast is to keep one from eating any snacks after the meal. In addition, it also helps one to take in as much essential nutrients as possible which cannot be found during lunch and dinner.

If you are on this diet, you need to eat a salad made of vegetables and meat inside a razor clam, a half of an apple, and an egg for lunch. For dinner, reduce the amount of food to the least by eating only a half portion of a sweet potato and a yogurt.

10/05/2012 Intake

This hasn’t been a pleasant day. I started this day by screaming at my assistant’s incompetence. My ill mood has been with me the whole day. But thankfully, I did not binge. I just ate sweet things in the afternoon.

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10/04/2012 Intake

Another day of walking. I also had no intention of eating a lot on this day but I ended up eating anyway. ;w;

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10/03/2012 Intake

We went on a road trip today. Road trips for work is one of the best experiences ever despite the… um, complications of the situation. 

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10/02/2012 Intake

It’s been a weird day. Haha.

We got paid and that allowed me to overindulge a bit on food. It’s a mini-reward for working damn hard and one rule my mom gave my siblings and I: if you’re hungry, eat. So I ate a bit more than usual today.

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